One-on-one premium mentoring service, exclusive for those who desires a truly, ultimately joyful & meaningful life.    

We all know challenge in life is not uncommon, if you don’t know how to deal with it wisely, chances are, you will suffer and if you don’t learn from and rise above your challenges, you will continue to suffer until you do so one day.

If you believe you have suffered enough from the way you dealt with your Intimate relationship, emotion, physical & mental health or career etc., it is simply logical for you to try something else to get yourself out of the situation.

What about someone who can see the same issue from a different angle, someone who can truly enlighten you with wisdom, someone who can give you the kind of guidance you cannot easily get from those around you.

As a relationship author, spiritual mentor and life coach for many years, I am the one who will see your problem from a different angle, I will show you why things happened the way they did and what you can do about the situation in order for you to feel much better in face of the same challenge.  Besides, I will go further to include invaluable wisdom and guidance to make you a truly happy person no matter what happens in the future. Talk to me for life-changing mentoring service, for you deserve a much more fulfilling life!

Who needs the Private Mentoring service:

  • Those who really wish to become a truly happy person;
  • Those who believe they have had enough suffering and determined to revitalize their life for the better;
  • Those who are really committed to a fundamental life change and growth;
  • Those who find privacy and confidentiality a paramount concern and can afford the premium service.

For those who are seeking a breakthrough in life issues below :  

  • Intimate relationship: single status breakthrough, courting techniques, difference in mentality between the 2 genders, get ready for marriage, getting alone happily with spouse, affair handling, marriage repair, rebuilding intimacy, divorce consideration…
  • Relationship with our kids: improve intimacy, communication, trust and thus happiness being with our kids as parents.
  • Emotion management: through understanding and handling stress, emotion and even depression, how you can easily deal with emotion in a way that is truly liberating, so that you can be happier, healthier and become a person always with lots of positive energies.
  • Spiritual growth : understanding the root cause of suffering will change your way of looking at life forever, I will show you the path to be your true self and live a life full of inner peace, joy, freedom & meaning.

How mentoring is done :

  • Face to face meeting : can be arranged upon special request, I can fly to your place for at least 2 days when necessary.
  • Daily communication: giving guidance and follow-up by text chat via common chat Apps such as FB messenger, Hangouts, Whatsapp etc.
  • Mentoring duration: in order to secure the best possible mentoring quality, a continuous period of mentoring for daily guidance and follow up with clients is very fundamental, I therefore highly recommend my clients to use the service for a 1 to 12 months period depending on the needs of each individual case.
  • Place, time & frequency for private meetings : as specified by client by appointment and agreed by both parties
  • Language of mentoring: English, Chinese (Putonghua & Cantonese)
  • Service region: Worldwide
  • Professional conduct : Anything discussed with my clients will be kept in the strictest confidence (Guaranteed for life)

Please contact me directly below

Mentor:Jasper (What2believe)