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What2believe, 光靈。17年前被醫生診斷為患上抑鬱症,嚴重的時候,感覺連過馬路的能力都沒有。後來在自己堅持不再依賴藥物的情況下,憑自己的意志在九個月內完全康復,至今從未復發過。數年前一次不尋常的經歷完全改變了他,自此,他以各種方式探索生命的真相,並在過程中獲得極大的心靈啟發。在一股莫名的使命感驅動下,連續數年在網上論壇分享自己對兩性關係和生命真相的觀點,並且經常為線民解答相關問題,深受不少線民的關注和愛戴。他對兩性關係的智慧主要來自他對感情生活的親身體會和感悟,完全無師自通。多年來已協助不少在愛情關係中受苦的男女看清自己的真相,從而自行走出困局,重新快樂起來。 除了寫作以外,他同時從事個人的婚姻輔導,並參與有關兩性關係及情緒輔導的教學工作,目的是向更多人傳播如何經營美滿婚姻生活和快樂人生的相關技巧和智慧。 “What2believe”是他在網上論壇使用的網名,意思是質疑自己的固有觀念和信念,從而發現更深的真相。

What2believe, 17 years ago, after being diagnosed by a psychiatrist as a depression patient, he decided not to depend on any medications but only his own will to finally have his depression fully cured after 9 months.   Few years ago, little did he realize that an unexpected experience he had been through completely transformed him.  After that, he had become very enthusiastic in topics related to spirituality and the truth of life, he then began reading books & searching websites to locate relevant materials he could possibly find.  For two consecutive years, he felt guided to write and answer questions on forums and blogs about the ultimate means to eradicate suffering in life based on his realization of the truth of life.  “What2believe” is a name he used during his presence in the forums, meaning that we can be able to realize a much deeper truth if we can be courageous enough to question & challenge all our deep-seated beliefs. He lives a non-religious life, yet fully embraces all possibilities with a open heart.



寫書  Writing books


cover_final front誰呼喚愛 what2believe

寫專欄  Columnist


1. What2believe @ CTgoodjobs.hk


2. What2believe @ 經濟日報出版社之生活文化網誌 




獎項  Award won

One of the post “Difficulties” in this website was awarded “2013 Best self-help blog/post award” by thepublicblogger.com which is a blog evaluation organization based in the US.

Link to “Difficulties” :




2013 Best self-help award


聯繫 Contact : what2believe@gmail.com




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