True freedom 真正的自由

mandela in jail

The feeling of true freedom does not come from external conditions around us, not from politics, religions, family, loved ones, not even from government, not something given to us by others, it’s a reflection of our internal state. A truly free person is someone who can feel freedom from within, a free person can feel at peace and joyful at heart even when locked up in jail for years.  On the other hand, those who are dependent on freedom given by others might not feel as happy and satisfied as he/she worries about losing the freedom already granted someday or begins to want some more after getting some freedom, thus keeping such persons in a state of anxiety out of internal struggle and dissatisfaction. True freedom can only come from within, it’s a realization of your true essence, for you are your own master of happiness and freedom.

真正自由的感受並非來自外在的環境,不是來自制度、宗教,家庭、伴侶、甚至政府,不是別人能夠給予的東西,而是自己的內心狀態。 一個真正感到心靈自由的人,就算被逼關進監獄,所感到的自由和安寧,並不會比一個生活在監獄以外的人少;而一個心靈不自由的人,就算擁有了所有來自外在條件賦予的自由,都不會感到真正的喜悅,因為心靈不自由的人總會擔心失去既得的自由,或者在得到了某些自由以後希望得到更多,內心永遠處於不滿足、誠惶誠恐的狀態。 心靈的自由,才是真正的自由,因為你才是自己能否感到自由和快樂的主人。

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