Health & spiritual practice 健康與修心

happy old people

No matter what type of chronic disease you experience, always keep the faith that you are a healthy person.

No matter what kind of life dilema you are in, always face it with serenity and joy from your heart.

If you can persist in practicing this, no disease can hit you when you are healthy; the disease that currently bothers you will be gone as a result.

Physical health, is in fact a direct reflection of your thoughts and state within.

The biggest hardship in making this work is most probably the negative thoughts you have about this way of healing.


大部分人都以為,只要注意飲食、適量運動配合良好的生活習慣,便能保證身體健康。可是,你可能會發現,身邊仍然有不少已經按這些“健康”規律生活的人,仍然患上各種致命的疾病或者不同程度的憂鬱症。 我不是說這些規律對健康完全沒有作用,而是說,決定我們身體健康的根本因素,並不只限於這些只能影響身體層面的方式,而是更深入的心靈層面。

秘密是:一個人無論患上什麼慢性疾病,都要深信自己是個健康的人。堅信自己健康的信念若能持之以恒,無病者大病不侵; 有病者不藥而愈。身體健康,原來是一種心靈健康的自然產物。





One thought on “Health & spiritual practice 健康與修心

  1. So true. I am a firm believer in the power of regular meditation, even if only for 10 minutes a day. It ensures we maintain a connection to a deeper sense of our self, which, in time, dispels depression. I know, because I used to suffer from depression myself!

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