Cause and effect 因果

cause and effect
What you sow, what you reap; if you wish to change what you can reap in the future, you can sow the new seeds from now. It is not the current life situation that determines your future, but the response you make to your current life situation that really matters to your future. No matter how difficult your current situation is, if your response to it stays positive, you can create a better future, the reverse is also true.

因為過去種下的因,你經歷了現在的果;如果你希望改善未來的果,你可以在現在種下新的因。 所以,現在所發生的果並非決定你未來的必然因素,通過種因而改變未來的關鍵在於你回應現狀的心態。 無論現狀有多麼困難,如果你能夠保持樂觀地回應它,你就能夠創造一個更理想的未來,相反亦然。


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