Suffering is just a label 痛苦只是個標籤


There is no such thing as suffering, only people who regard it as such, the so-called “good" or “bad" thing is just what it is, “suffering" is simply one of the emotional labels you attach to a life experience.  Shift your perspective and mindset to see without any judgment what actually happens, your perception of it will no longer be the same.

沒有痛苦的事情,只有把事情看成是痛苦的人,所謂的“好”事“壞”事其實都只是它本來的樣子,“痛苦”只是你形容事情的一種情緒標籤。 當你能夠換個視角時,以不評判的心態看世事,你對事情的感受將會不再一樣。


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