Truth is within you 真相在你之內

universe within

When you believe all values of your life can only be found outside of you, you are already far from your source, the further you are from your source, the more lost your state is, the more outward seeking driven by fear you will become, then you will be suffering more in the process of such external seeking. The fact is, this material world is actually a platform on which we can remember who we really are through experiencing the trials and tribulations happened in our many different incarnations and life experiences with different identities, for the purpose of guiding us back to our source through awakening from our dream state and shifting our focus from the external world towards the center at our heart, this is where you can find the truth of who you really are. All truth are within you where you are always connected to all things in the universes.

當你發現你人生的一切價值都圍繞著你的外在,你已經離開你的本源很遠,當你離開本源越遠,你越是處於迷的狀態,你越會被恐懼驅動不斷向外求取更多,並會在不斷追求的過程中不斷受苦。其實,這個物質世界只是一個讓我們記起自己真正是誰的舞臺,我們通過多次輪回的生命,經歷種種不同的身份和磨練,目的就是讓我們由迷到悟,由外到內的回到生命的本源,也是你真正是誰的真相。 一切的真相就在你的內在,因為在那裡你和整個宇宙的一切是相連的。


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