Inspirations about life 人生感悟


靜 – 無念而心靜,智慧在內,不需外求。

Silence – arises when thought is absent, wisdom comes from within not without.

定 – 靜生定,是心安定在內在軸心平衡點的狀態。

Stillness – arises when silence is present, it is a state the heart anchors in a balance point of the axis within us.

順 – 隨順自然,隨心而活,放下自在;臣服於當下,一切皆如是,凡事接受和包容。

Surrender – to nature, always follow our heart to live; surrender to the present moment, letting go is the path to true freedom, accept and embrace everything as it is.

愛 – 即無條件地做自己、接受自己,不再勉強自己成為別人;當你通過愛自己而充滿了愛,你的一切思言行都會自然地表達你的狀態,愛人成為了你最自然的生活方式。

Love – love yourself through being yourself, unconditionally accept yourself as you are rather than forcing yourself to be someone else; when you are filled full with love through self love, whatever you think & do simply naturally express your state, loving others then simply become your most natural style of living.

一 – 萬物本是一體,我們都是同一個整體的不同個體表達,從本質來看,根本沒有分離的你我他,而只有一。

One – We are all one, everything is part of the one expressed individually and differently, essentially speaking, there is no separate you, me or them, there is only one of us.

道 – 本來就在,無路可達,萬物皆道;道在心裡,當心在這裡。

Tao – is already here, there is no way to get there. Everything is tao, tao is within us when we are here and now.


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