Intuition 直覺


Rational analysis comes from the brain which is finite in nature;yet intuition comes from the soul which is actually an integral part of an infinite source.  Whenever you encounter a problem that you find it hard to make a choice and decision based on rational analysis, please try to be bold to trust your intuition.  The more you can trust your intuition, the more powerful your intuition will become.  Being intuitive is actually not an exclusive ability for women, it’s just that most women treat intuition as simply a natural ability that they were born with and are less likely being confined to a rational way of thinking which is indeed a typical symptom for men.   It is advised that men who really wish to capitalize on their own intuitive power can learn to challenge & literally jump out of their rigid thinking patterns as a very first and decisive step to take.

理性分析來自頭腦,是有限的;直覺來自心靈,是與無限的源頭連接的部份。當你遇到一些問題讓你難以理性地做出選擇和決定,請勇於信任你的直覺。當你越相信直覺,你的直覺力也會變得越強。 直覺並非女人的專利,只是女人不會像男人般被理性約束,所以女人會把直覺看成是比較自然的一種能力。男人若要培養直覺力,最重要的第一步就是學習跳出他們慣性思維的框框。


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