Unknown 未知


We are so used to focusing on the future as if being able to predict the future is the pre-requisite to live in the now, you are driven by your notion of fear towards the unknown which takes you to a future-like reality that is actually a loop that repeats itself until you can transcend your notions.  Unknown is simply the true nature of the future, no one can predict precisely what future will be as every man/thing/event is impermanent in nature that changes at every moment of now, therefore, unknown is the truth about the word FUTURE.  If you can courageously embrace the present moment and step into the unknown with faith for the divine, you will advance significantly in your spiritual path through simply following the divine flow of life which keeps unfolding itself in every new moment of now right before you.

我們都習慣把注意力放在未來,好像對未來的預知能力是活在今天的必備條件,其實你被自己恐懼未知的慣性觀念一直驅動著,讓你不斷走進一個看似未來的生命回路裏面,直至你能夠超越你的固有觀念為止。 未來是未知,沒有人可以百分百預知未來,因為一切都是無常的,在每一個當下所有的人事物都在變化,所以,未知只是未來的真實本質。 勇敢地活在當下,並帶著對神聖力量的信任走入未知,你便能夠隨著神聖的生命之流而活,你在靈性成長的路上走出了一大步,未來會以每一個新的當下展現出來。



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