Look within

woman meditating at sunset on the Caribbean beach

No matter how busy you are, try to spare some time to focus on within, because there is no way you can actually access to your true value and nature through seeking externally, the essence of you has always been within you which is often neglected by you. This you which is known as your ego has been always believed to be the only you, this is the you as the subject to perceive the world around you and create your every life experiences, yet your ego is also the very cause of all your suffering. The good news is, you are actually not your ego。

To realize who you truly are, the only way is to look within, just to spend a minute or two each time, a few times a day, stop thinking & stay focused in the NOW moment and within, you can feel the peace and tranquility from within you, all suffering and emotional pain that have been associated with your mind will be blocked from entering your being, your true essence will be felt from within you.

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