Letting go



Your struggles in life are usually a result of a self-created projection of your deep-seated notions and thinking patterns mostly driven by fear.   You tried very hard to think your way out of such predicament, yet the more you tried, you seem to suffer even more, as you suffer more, you tried even harder to control and change your life…. Eventually, life to you seems like a vicious circle with no way out.


The truth is, you can’t transcend your struggles with more struggles, no action based on fear cannot solve the problems coming out of fear.  It’s like you can’t put out fire with more inflammable stuffs.  Yet you can free yourself from life suffering and struggles through letting go of your thoughts about suffering, it’s more like a decision you make to yourself to unload the heavy backpack you have been carrying.   Simply let go of the thoughts that you are suffering as a results of some life situations you labeled as such, you will then be free.


Step back & observe objectively what makes you unhappy and fearful in life, you will realize that your suffering are not real, your struggles are not necessary, when you know that the sufferings are simply projections of your habitual thinking patters and beliefs.  Once this truth is known to you, you regain the sovereignty of your happiness, you can always choose to let go of those thoughts to get rid of your suffering.


The very reason you can’t let go is that you are so afraid of falling into the unknown, you are fearful of losing senses of security you have been depending upon, you hang on to your usual way of living and thinking patterns in order to feel safe., yet the fear of not being safe doesn’t make you safe, the real sense of safety and peace can only come from a deeper knowing that you are already safe by nature no matter what.


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