You are the cure yourself 你是治療的本身


Whenever someone become very emotionally negative, such as anger, sadness, hatred, fear and worry etc., beware not to be invaded⋯⋯ by those negative energies. Doctors all know very well the importance to avoid being infected by their own patients. Only when you keep yourself in positive state, you can then be helpful to others for darkness cannot exist when light sets in; likewise, no negative energy (negative emotion) can last when the positive energy shines through. Love is the most powerful energy in the universe, whenever you meet with someone in negative emotion, don’t get yourself inundated emotionally by negativity and be sure to stay firm with your loving and positive energy.  When you are a being full of love, the power of serene stability emanated from within will create a soothing and balancing magnetic field around you, the negativity carried by that person will dissolve gradually as a result of your presence with him/her. It is not the cures that you seek to have healed someone for you are the very cure yourself.

當別人的情緒變得非常負面,如生氣、悲哀、仇恨、恐懼、憂慮等等,首先你要避免被對方的負面情緒入侵,正如做醫生的要避免被自己的病人的病菌傳染一樣。要讓自己的情緒保持正面你才能真正幫助對方,因為,光的出現自然會令黑暗消失,同理,正能量的出現才能驅走別人的負能量(負面情緒),而宇宙間最大的正能量就是愛,當你遇到帶有負面情緒(負能量)的人,記住不要被感染,堅定你的愛心和正向思維。當你是一個充滿愛的存在體,來自你內在的安定能量會產生一個平衡和舒緩的磁場,你的出現自然能夠把對方的負能量慢慢驅去。 你不需刻意尋找方法治療對方,因為,你就是治療的本身。


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