Man with magnet - Characters collection

You attract what you are. Very simple, you attract a woman if you are a man; you attract wealth if you are a wealthy person; you attract joy if you are a happy person. The opposite is also true. The question you will most likely ask may be, what can I do to attract what I want if I am not yet the person I want to be? You can do it through guiding your thoughts.

Convince yourself you already are the person you desire to be faithfully without any hesitation, the relevant power of attractive will then be activated. The faith from within you can be developed by expressing gratitude, sharing and visualizing the effects of already being who you want to be. Direct your mind to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want, in doing so, you will have a good feeling about yourself when what you have in your mind align with your inner core which is love, abundance, joy, freedom, infinity, fearlessness in nature.

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